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A Little About Me

                                            A LITTLE ABOUT ME   

              I have just started a blog to share my thoughts and ideas. I have lived an unusual life I believe. I have gone through many challenges in my life and have gone through many diversified things. I also have found the new love of blogging and intend to incorporate this into my blog too. I am going to try to do both as I endeavor into my new blogging love!!
     I have been married for 31 years to a great husband!  I had 2 boys. One is in heaven. My other son is 29 years old and married to a sweet girl. They have one son now almost 2! I am now a Grandma to a fantastic boy named Liam.
    I am a RN and still licensed. I will have to work soon or my license could expire. I am still thinking about that. I worked for over 30 years in a big hospital in many settings from ICU to a medical floor. Most of my time was on a med-surg floor!
    I have 2 bichons, one lab, and 3 cats. Two of them were adopted from Grandma when she died.

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